​You do not understand me,

You write me off the 1st second you see me,

The moment I speak, it seems my doom is near, 

You feel like the things my hands touch always turn to dust,

In your own opinion,  my passion is wasted, my purpose remains hidden and

my focus is misplaced, 

It seems that my efforts are not significant

and my plans have no substance, 

You tink that I am nobody and I know nobody,


This is where u got it wrong.

I have a past, but this is the day…. Now is the day, 

There was a day i drank milk and thought as a child,  but now,  these teeth r strong and can chew tough flesh. 

It is true that i made mistakes

It is true that i have no hope 

It is true that my passion and focus were all in the wrong direction. 

It is true that every effort that comes from me is nothing 

Surely…. i know a man

I know the man Jesus…. the son of the father
The redeemer of my soul, so now i have no shame,  i dwell not on my past but i push unto what lays ahead().
The saviour of my being, all shame is taken away, doom is removed like a veil off of my eyes. 
The master of my life,my purpose is found in him nd my passion and focus is clear. 
I know the son of God,  sitting at the right hand of the father,  making intercessions for me, so that i can be renewed each day. 
So if you think that this is the best of me,  you are mistaken,  GOD’S NOT DONE WITH ME YET.
Hallelujah…. I am a new man today,  I will be a better ME tomorrow. 
yours trully


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