Have you ever heard news that made you think so deeply about the meaning of life?       I lost someone today and I just sat there thinking, what is life? I could feel what Solomon felt when he said, “All is vanity”, truly, we come from dust and when this breath goes away, the dust that made us feel so secure, this flesh that seemed to be the most important thing in life fails and betrays us to the cold hands of sickness and death. 

      So today, once again, I bring to you the reality of a life beyond, truly, this life, the earth, the riches, all material things will pass away and ur spirit will stand alone before supremacy to receive judgment for the things that you have done on the earth, everything you ever did, every intent behind your actions, EVERY WORK WILL PASS THROUGH FIRE. And I ask you today, when the fire goes through, what will remain of you, what have you done, what can ur spirit account for. 

        I watched a movie sometime back, “gods of Egypt”, and I learnt something from it. In the movie; when a person died, he had to bring something (something precious like gold) to be allowed into the after-life. It was very funny, but I learnt that the principle of going before a greater being, is that you cannot appear empty handed, our Lord God will obviously not demand gold of us, but he demands that when your works are tested by fire, they will stand as pure gold.  

​  So dear friends and readers, It’s time to go back and think about where you belong, who owns your life, what your spirit account for, will your works stand the test? 

   I hope you give this a thought.

God bless you

Shepher (Auta keenea)