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"she z worth far more dan rubies" proverbs 31:10b… Let beauty feel d confidence within herself…

Hi Dear readers,

This is dgender by shepher, an experienced based blog, all I do is share my personal experiences and how God came to show Himself to me and to share with you the lessons I learn from these experiences and try to work by each passing day.
So I am inviting you to also share a lesson with somebody today via this blog, you can send your article(s) to, I am very certain that through this, we will all be encouraged and strengthened in His love.

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The Best friend’s prayer

I don't have anything to offer you my darling, I didn't even offer you a good friendship or companionship when I really had the chance.
But all I have today, I give you;

My heart full of love for you,
Memories full of smiles,
My mind ready to trust anything you say,

You have been more than I could expect of a friend,
You have been to me, a friend, a mother, an elder sister and a mentor.

I love you with all my heart my dear.

And I pray today, that as you add a year;
This is the least u will ever be,
You will soar high, even beyond your peers,
You will be a light so bright upon the hill,
You will hold stronger to the things I know you stand for,
You will mentor so many more people with or without your knowledge,
Your man will make you the happiest you've ever been,
The people you meet will be true helpers as you have been to me,
You are blessed in your going in and out,
The Lord will protect you for me and keep you out of harms way,
God bless you for me.


I prepared all my life for this point in my life but now that I'm here I am filled with fear

I stayed in one place so long that I felt it was good enough, it felt like home, it felt just right. It had some challenges and there were times I had to make some little adjustments to it but then it was still the same place, maybe just a new room.

Whenever someone managed to leave,I always heard them say, "its so much better out there" but I felt safe inside😒.

Now I am out… I am out of comfort, outside the walls, out in the cold and I just don't know what to do or where to go. Being outside doesn't come with a manual, it's simply being an adult and the road ahead… i really don't know where it goes, all I know is I need courage, faith and steadfastness to reach the beautiful end.

So each day, with each step I take….. I walk a walk of faith, trust and hope. Every success I make, I build up the confidence to take a new step, and each time I fall or "fail", I walk on the last step and not fall to the ground floor.

I have learnt to walk step by step until I can run and even fly, I have learnt to hope for a future I have not seen (Hebrews 11:1) because someone greater than I holds it.

It is beautiful to be outside as long as I continue to remind myself of the things that are important each passing day.

God bless you


I always tell myself that I have a heart of gold and recently I was thinking what is the real meaning of a heart of gold.
And I realize so many things,
1. First I realize that, Gold is beautiful and very attractive, and so it brings to itself a lot of people, different kinds, different characters, different believes, different lifestyles.
2. The second thing is Gold is exquisite, it's a prize possession, it's a jewel , it is precious. So whoever we will hold it or have it has to see it as such. So it is nothing to play around with, is something to love and actually cherish.
3. Another thingI realized is that gold is sold per weight and this means that every kilogram of gold is very important and valuable. I truly believe that every as gold, the whole of you is very important and valuable, of course you have your faults buh that too is beautiful, because When when God created man, he didn't create a perfect being, this was still man, but he said "it is good". So LOVE YOURSELF JUST AS TOU ARE, Your faults and strengths and work on them.
4. The final thing, and most necessary; gold is refined,' it passes through so much heat, beating and trial to get it to perfection. The truth is this, gold must everyday go through some sort of refining fire, you must skill, add knowledge, add understanding to the things that you were before. Purification of Gold never stops before it is finished, so also you; THE WORK UPON YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL THE END OF TIME, so I urge you, everyone today, keep on keeping on, adding value to yourself because this is the Character of jewels.


So lately, it's been a little difficult putting up articles and all and I have been wondering why🤔. I love to write and share, but why was it difficult?
I realized that I always wanted each write up to be perfect, carry a certain tone or something like that, so much time has to go into editing 📝 and so I just get tired when I even think of posting.
Then today, I thought to myself, "what If you write something that is just raw?" And I thought, truly I can be an encouragement to someone anytime, every time, feeling good or bad, elated or not.
So in essence, my message to you today is, "BELIEVE IN THE RAW YOU". Don't get me wrong; I believe very much in remodeling yourself and increasing worth to what you are but I also realized that in doing that, I began to feel like that raw me wasn't good at all but today, I have been inspired to realize that, though the raw me needs alot of brushing but she is great.
Just remember that everything processed and package came out of something raw so BELIEVE IN YOU.

THE NEW ME (#thenewme)

​You do not understand me,

You write me off the 1st second you see me,

The moment I speak, it seems my doom is near, 

You feel like the things my hands touch always turn to dust,

In your own opinion,  my passion is wasted, my purpose remains hidden and

my focus is misplaced, 

It seems that my efforts are not significant

and my plans have no substance, 

You tink that I am nobody and I know nobody,


This is where u got it wrong.

I have a past, but this is the day…. Now is the day, 

There was a day i drank milk and thought as a child,  but now,  these teeth r strong and can chew tough flesh. 

It is true that i made mistakes

It is true that i have no hope 

It is true that my passion and focus were all in the wrong direction. 

It is true that every effort that comes from me is nothing 

Surely…. i know a man

I know the man Jesus…. the son of the father
The redeemer of my soul, so now i have no shame,  i dwell not on my past but i push unto what lays ahead().
The saviour of my being, all shame is taken away, doom is removed like a veil off of my eyes. 
The master of my life,my purpose is found in him nd my passion and focus is clear. 
I know the son of God,  sitting at the right hand of the father,  making intercessions for me, so that i can be renewed each day. 
So if you think that this is the best of me,  you are mistaken,  GOD’S NOT DONE WITH ME YET.
Hallelujah…. I am a new man today,  I will be a better ME tomorrow. 
yours trully


Auta keenea


Have you ever heard news that made you think so deeply about the meaning of life?       I lost someone today and I just sat there thinking, what is life? I could feel what Solomon felt when he said, “All is vanity”, truly, we come from dust and when this breath goes away, the dust that made us feel so secure, this flesh that seemed to be the most important thing in life fails and betrays us to the cold hands of sickness and death. 

      So today, once again, I bring to you the reality of a life beyond, truly, this life, the earth, the riches, all material things will pass away and ur spirit will stand alone before supremacy to receive judgment for the things that you have done on the earth, everything you ever did, every intent behind your actions, EVERY WORK WILL PASS THROUGH FIRE. And I ask you today, when the fire goes through, what will remain of you, what have you done, what can ur spirit account for. 

        I watched a movie sometime back, “gods of Egypt”, and I learnt something from it. In the movie; when a person died, he had to bring something (something precious like gold) to be allowed into the after-life. It was very funny, but I learnt that the principle of going before a greater being, is that you cannot appear empty handed, our Lord God will obviously not demand gold of us, but he demands that when your works are tested by fire, they will stand as pure gold.  

​  So dear friends and readers, It’s time to go back and think about where you belong, who owns your life, what your spirit account for, will your works stand the test? 

   I hope you give this a thought.

God bless you

Shepher (Auta keenea) 



One of the most Important question in the life of anyone is, “what do you think of yourself”? The subject of how you view yourself, what you think you are, what your future looks like to you remains paramount to every single individual.    I was speaking with an academic mentor and he said to me, The day you become the most important person to you is the day you start living, at first it sounded a bit selfish to me, but as I kept pondering on it, I realized if I don’t know myself, if I can’t love myself, if I can’t believe in myself, if I cannot see myself through the eyes of God, then I am nothing, then I can achieve nothing, then I cannot even show love or compassion to people around. 

​   I am presently reading a book (Managing your emotions by Joyce Meyer) which I personally recommend to everyone. She said, “The reason we have tremendous fear of who people think of us is because we have a poor self-image….. We will feel less valuable unless we are secure in who we are in Christ” and I remembered how less valuable I felt I was to people around me; my friends and family thought I was awesome, talented and sweet but to me I wasn’t getting the attention I wanted, I suffocated everyone until I realized that until you feel good about you, people can never give you enough attention even when they do all you want. 

​   So dear readers, my word today is that you love Christ first, find out who you are in Him, believe in that person He says you are and think biggest through the mind of Christ …..

God bless you



The season of celebration, It’s the celebration of life, love and salvation. 

It’s d season in which eternity was confirmed. 

The reminder of unconditional love. 

The monument of ultimate sacrifice. 

It’s d season of giving, helping, smiling. 

It’s the time to worship and be glad. 

It’s the time to count your blessings and when you think you’re done, start counting all over again. 

It’s the time to see family, feel the companionship, share fellowship and warmth. 

It’s the time to sing testimonies over and over again. 

It’s the time to sit and smile aimlessly, because you know God has been too amazing. 

​Go out, out to the streets, to the orphanages, 

Show love, place a smile on someone. 

Put aside all the worries you have and for one time in the whole year, think about others, pray for others, visit others. 

         There are people out there waiting to see your smile, wanting for your heart poured to them as encouragement, hoping that you will think of them, praying that God send them their helpers. 

           But here you are, in the luxury that God has blest you with, still crying about many things, things destined to come already, things that don’t matter, things that might even destroy you. 

         Can you that the time, take advantage of the season we are and think of others……. Bless others with kindness, illuminate life, give hope and remain joyous. 



When you really know somebody, you cant hate them, or maybe its just that you cant really know them until you stop hating them. Once you understand what people really want, you cant hate them anymore. You can fear them, but you cant hate them, because you can always find the same desires in your own heart. ​

The pharisees brought an adulterous woman caught in the act to Jesus to try and trap him using mosaic law. They already hated her thus they never understood her. Jesus both knew and understood her, thus he loved her regardless. In his infinite wisdom he shared this understanding and knowledge with the pharisees saying “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. In that light the pharisees, even though they may never have acted on it, realized that they may have had similar desires to the adulterous woman. Thus in just one simple sentence, Jesus made the pharisees understand and know the adulterous woman enough to love her..thus stop hating her. And one by one, they dropped their stones and left.
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